· Design your Project with Timber ·


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Thermal insulation

Timber cladding protects from the cold, insulates from the heat and protects against sudden changes in temperature.
A good thermal insulator that reduces consumption by moderating indoor temperature fluctuations.
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Hygroscopic balance

Wood is kept in hygroscopic balance with its environment, taking up or releasing moisture, naturally modulating the area’s moisture.
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Acoustic corrector

Good absorption of sound waves and electromagnetic radiation, due to its porosity and elasticity.
It reduces the reverberation of sound waves and improves internal acoustic comfort.
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Durable and resistant

Timber cladding maintains its benefits over a long period of time.
In addition, all its components are designed to be reused in subsequent installations.


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Natural wellbeing

The feeling arising from contact with natural products provides health benefits such as:
– Improving quality of sleep.
– Increasing intellectual performance.
– Reducing levels of stress and preventing common diseases.
– Mitigating the symptoms of allergies and respiratory diseases.
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Convenience and comfort

In addition to visual stimulation, touch and thermal sensation lead us to relax our senses.
Timber cladding creates warm, natural and comfortable atmospheres that contribute to improving people’s emotional state.
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Decorative versatility

The variety of Molduras’ products allows us to easily find a cladding that matches the style of each person.
They easily adapt to the shapes or ideas of each project, combined with other materials, balancing the environment, providing areas with personality, or acting as the counterpoint of cold materials such as cement or metals.