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We aim to create value in the world of interior and exterior timber cladding for walls, ceilings and floors, from a strictly environmental respect.

We are headed to the carpentry, DIY and decoration channels. We provide quality and safety to the construction sector.

The base of our Industrial Services is innovation, strengthening the R + D + i.

Examples of some of these projects are our fireproofed timber cladding, as well as the latest line of acoustic cladding.

Therefore, we offer within our industrial services:



Protective Treatments

Our accumulated experience and technology allow us to treat wood to increase its resistance in different environments, even outdoors in direct contact with fresh water.


Treatments with the AITIM Quality Seal 17-03 for Treated Wood for Class 3 and 4 Use.


Fireproof treatments

Fireproof treatment, applicable to any wooden element (cladding, beams…) that improve the reaction of wood in case of fire.


Fireproofing treatment is performed in an autoclave, injecting the fireproofing using Vacuum-Pressure-Vacuum cycles.



Need a different cladding for your project?


Molduras del Noroeste offers the possibility to manufacture custom coatings with the finish, texture and shape you need.
Check the conditions.

Clase 3 Use

Wood for outdoors made without direct contact with the floor and not submerged. It may be greatly exposed to the weather, with humidity often exceeding 20%.

It is carried in an autoclave of organic products, with the VAC-VAC, or Vacuum-Pressure-Vacuum procedure (for dense wood or with great thicknesses). The treatment does not give the wood any colour, nor increases its moisture.

Class 4 Use

Wood for outdoors in contact with the ground, buried or in contact with fresh water, with a permanent humidity above 20%.

It is undertaken in an autoclave using the Bethell system (Vacuum- Pressure-Vacuum). It gives wood a green colour. After treatment, the wood should be air dried prior to positioning on site.

Industrial Services


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