Ξ Fireproof cladding

B-s2, d0 / B-s1, d0 / Bfl-s1. This adds an invisible layer of security to all your cladding.

Molduras del Noroeste’s exclusive fireproof timber cladding adds a barrier against fire to areas where it is installed. The wood is treated in autoclave with a proprietary fireproof protector using vacuum-pressure-vacuum cycles, so that the protector completely penetrates the wood. Subsequently, the wood is dried and processed. In order to boost the fireproof effect, timber cladding is subject to a varnishing process.

Technical building code. Since 2005, this code lays down a series of requirements that must be complied with. Section DB-SI (Fire safety basic document) sets the minimum requirements to be met by products and elements in the building industry. The AFITI-LICOF fire laboratory, accredited by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity), certifies the compliance of Molduras del Noroeste’s cladding labelled as fireproof.

This feature is optional in our cladding and is exclusive in the industry. It can be applied to a wide variety of our indoor products (walls, ceilings, and floors), without changing the final appearance of the finish.

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Fire performance:


behavior before fire
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Modern and natural finishes that follow the latest trends in interior design; Live textures that emphasise the value of the wood, with a recently sawn rough finish or simulating wood ageing with a total authenticity; Sophisticated varnishes with elegant and subtle shades, and especially, really original varnishes matching the latest designer furniture.

Flick through the pages of this catalogue to find which one best suits your decorative style.

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Firefroof cladding.

B-s2, d0 | Pine wall cladding.

B-s1, d0 | Strips.

BFL –s1 | Floorboards.[/icon_box]

fireproof cladding

* For further information, please ask the technical department.